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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I want to register for Physics I (PHY2048, or PHY2053) for Summer A, and Physics II (PHY2048, or PHY2053) for Summer B, but I am not allowed to do that

Summer A and B are considered to be ONE semester. In order to register for these two classes, you need to contact our undergraduate program director E-mail for non-majors , in order to obtain the permission.

2. I want to take Physics I as a non-degree seeker, what is the prerequisite

There is no prerequisite for students taking physics as non-degree seekers.

3. What are the financial aidsassistantships for international master students?/

Please check the page for prospective graduate students

4. What is the admission requirement for Ph.D in physics

Please check the page for prospective graduate students

5. What is the physics department code to send my GRE and TOEFL results

Please check the ETS website.

6. What are the deadlines and minimum scores for GRE and TOEFL?

These information are listed on the pages for prospective graduate students and graduate school admission requirements

7. Do all accepted graduate student get tuition waiver and get TA or RA?

The short answer is most successful applicants will get tuition waiver and assistantship. For more information, please check the page for prospective graduate students

8. I am planning to retake PHY2053. I have used all my forgiveness policy rules, am I still allowed to repeat this course?

Yes, but you cannot use the forgiveness policy, so the previous grade in the course will show in your transcript.

9. I took the physics 1 with the lab at another school and would like to take physics 2 and the corresponding lab this summer. Who do I need to email my transcripts to?

It depends.

If you are transferring to FIU, you need to request from your school that their transcripts be sent to FIU. (Click for more information)

If you only wish to take a course at FIU and wants to provide proof that you took the prequisites:

-- if you are at another public school in Florida (a transient student), check

-- if you are at a school that is NOT a public Florida institution (non-degree seeking student), you do not need to provide proof of prerequisites as they are not subject to our prerequisites. ( click for more information)

10. I'm currently taking Physics with Calculus 1 but because of conflicts in my schedule I was wondering if I could take Physics without Calculus 2 during the Fall semester?

That depends on the requirements for your major. If it allows PHY 2054 (Physics w/out Calculus 2), then yes. If not, then no.

11. I were to major in physics and minor in astronomy, would that prepare me adequately to continue on in graduate studies for astronomy?

Yes. Please contact Dr. Caroline Simpson for more information

12. I am seriously interested in doing a major in physics (science). I would like to schedulean appointment with an advisor to talk more about this.

Great. The best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with our undergraduate adviser for majors, listed above the FAQ list. You can also contact the physics main office: (305) 348-2605.

13. I am interested in taking either PHY 2053 or PHY 2048. On the course catalog however, I do not see whether or not these courses will be offered during the Summer B session

Please do a course search after you log in on We usually offer at least one section of each class in Summer A and B.

14.I took the course PHY 2048 and PHY 2048L at FIU in 2010 Summer semester. How can I obtain the syllabus?

Please contact your instructor at the time.

15. I am currently taking PHY 2053 and need some additional help with the course. Are tutors or TAs available to assist students for this class?

Physics department does offer tutoring, but it varies with the semester. For a list of current tutors, please contact the main physics office.

For free tutoring, you can check this link.

You should also register for the 1-credit problem solving classes. Your PHY2048/2048/2053/2054 instructor will point you to the right sessions.

16. I would like to know about the opportunities to tutor people in physics 1 for example to be a TA or LA

Great. See the information at this link

For inquiries regarding the Undergraduate Program please contact:

Non-Physics Majors Physics Majors
Manuel Munoz-Repiso Dr. Pete Markowitz
Office#: (305) 348-2978 Office#: ((305) 348-1710
Email E-mail

For inquiries regarding our Graduate Program please contact:

Graduate Program Director
Dr. Jorge L. Rodriguez
Office#: (305) 348-0259

If you can not find answers in the above FAQ list and have other inquiries, please contact the main physics office for faster response, or use the form below

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