The Experimental Nuclear Physics Group consists of five faculty members, one postdoctoral associate and a number of graduate and undergraduate students who participate in research activities at Jefferson Lab and at FIU.


  • Werner Boeglin, Professor: Short-range structure of the deuteron, plasma physics
  • Lei Guo, Assistant Professor: Hyperon physics, Cascade Physics, Antibaryon photoproduction, Di-lepton physics
  • Pete Markowitz, Professor: Electroproduction of strangeness and few-body form factors, high-energy physics
  • Brian Raue, Professor: Kaon electroproduction, two-photon effects in electron-proton elastic scattering
  • Joerg Reinhold, Associate Professor: Hypernuclear spectroscopy

Post Docs

Grad Students

  • Rafael Baidue: High-mass hyperon PWA
  • Jason Bono: Cascade polarization in photoproduction
  • Hari Khanal: Structure of the deuteron
  • Ramona Valenzuela Perez: Plasma physics
  • Will Phelps: Antibaryon photoproduction
  • Eric Pooser: GlueX start counter
  • Dipak Rimal: Two-photon exchange effects