Undergraduate Courses

The department offers more than 50 sections of introductory, intermediate and advanced courses in physics and astronomy. To browse our course offerings please check the online course catalog or use the panthersoft search engine.

Introductory Physics Courses

The links below outline the common course content adopted by the department for our first and second semester introductory physics courses PHY2048/53 and PHY2049/54. These course are designed to cover a broad range of topics in Mechanics (first semester) and Electromagnetic Phenomena (second semester). Each section will cover all of the required topics and include addition topics at the instructor's discretion, some of which are listed in the pages below.

PHY2048, PHY2053: First semester physics, Mechanics and Mechanical Waves, Sound, Fluids and Heat

PHY2049, PHY2054: Second semester physics, Electricity, Magnetism and Light