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Minor in Physics

This program is designed for students who desire additional capabilities in physics beyond the basic sequence. This program is especially recommended for chemistry, mathematics, and engineering/technology majors.

For more information, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

  • Required Courses (19 Credits)

    Course (Credits)

    Offered (Pre- or co-requisites)

    PHY 2048: Physics with Calculus I (4)

    Fall, Spring, Summer (Pre or co-requisite: MAC 2311)

    PHY 2048L: General Physics Lab I (1)

    Fall, Spring, Summer (Pre- or co-requisite: PHY 2048)

    PHY 2049: Physics with Calculus II (4)

    Fall, Spring, Summer (Prerequisite: PHY 2048)

    PHY 2049L: General Physics Lab II (1)

    Fall, Spring, summer (Pre- or co-requisite: PHY 2049)

    PHY 3106: Modern Physics I (3)

    Fall, Spring (Prerequisite: PHY 2049, MAC 2312)

    PHY 3802L: Intermediate Physics Lab (3)

    Fall, Spring (Pre- or co-requisite: PHY 3106)

    PHY, PHZ, AST: Approved Courses in the Department of Physics (3)