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Information for Graduate Advisors

Graduate Student Stipends

The current stipend for graduate students on an assistantship is $23,460 per year.

You should budget $11,522.41 toward graduate student tuition for one academic year. This amount is as of the 2016-17 academic year. It is expected to increase every year and it is DOR policy that a 15% increase be calculated for tuition for every additional year of funding.

The current fringe rate for students is 0.47%.

The fees paid by students and not paid by a grant or by the Graduate School are as follows:

  • Payment = $875.60 (9 credits x $75.69 plus $194.39 semester fees): Fall 2016
  • Payment = $875.60 (9 credits x $75.69 plus $194.39 semester fees): Spring 2017
  • Payment = $642.41 (6 credits x $75.69 plus $188.27 semester fees): Summer 2017

New students have an additional fee of $35 Orientation Fee plus a $10 photo ID fee.

There is a slightly different pay structure for students who enrolled before 2006.