Colloquium: "Optical frequency combs and applications: coherent control of microwave, terahertz

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Venue:CP 220

Abstract: The powerful ideas behind optical frequency combs (OFC) are materializing in experiments that have revolutionized optical frequency metrology, optical atomic clocks and coherent control. OFCs are emitted by pulsed lasers whose pulse durations are on the order of femtoseconds. Within one of these lasers, millions of discrete optical frequencies are made coherent with one another through nonlinear processes in the cavity's gain medium. When the optical frequency comb modes are held fixed, the OFC may be used as an optical frequency 'ruler'. In this talk, I will start by presenting some of the fundamental ideas behind stabilized optical frequency combs both in the time and frequency domain. I will then present several applications that demonstrate the remarkable versatility of the OFC, specifically, low noise RF generation in the microwave domain, precision spectroscopy in the terahertz domain and finally, coherent quantum control in the optical domain.