Advanced Topics/Electives Schedule

Semester Advanced Topics (Instructor) Electives Course (Instructor)
Fall 2012 General Relativity
Fal 2013 Nano-Science/Condensed Matter physics
Fall 2014 Nuclear/Particle Physics: Introduction to pQCD (Misak Sargisian) Nonlinear Physics ( Bernard Gerstman)
Spring 2015 Condense Matter (Xuewen Wang)
Fall 2015 General Relativity/Astrophysics Nuclear/Particle Physics
Spring 2016 Astronomy/General Relativity/Cosmology
Fall 2016 Nano-Science/Condensed Matter/Quantum Optics/Atomic Physics Biophysics/Nonlinear Physics
Spring 2017 Atomic/Condense Matter Physics
Fall 2017 Nuclear/Particle Physics
Spring 2018 PHZ 5340 Particle Interactions and Detection Prof. Joerg Reinhold