Information for Faculty

Information for faculty regarding graduate student stipends

The current stipend for graduate students on an assistantship is $23,460 per year.

You should budget $11,522.41 (4,305.15+4,295.15+2,922.11:Fall,Spring,Summer) toward graduate student tuition for one academic year. This amount is as of 2017-18 academic year. It is expected to increase every year and it is DOR policy that a 3% increase be calculated for tuition for every additional year of funding. Please note that the student has to pay out of pocket semester fees and health insurance.

The current fringe rate for students is 0.47%.

For faculty mentoring graduate students

  1. You along with the assistance of the committee members (if a committee has been formed) have to fill out the annual evaluation once per year, usually by May 30. The form is at

  1. The advisor and all committee members have to individually fill out the Graduate Student Assessment on the day of the Dissertation Defense.

This is a requirement for the Final ETD Approval to be signed off by the Graduate Program Director.