Professor Chapagain's article featured on the COVER of the Journal of Chemical Physics!

An article by Prof. Chapagain and co-authors was chosen to appear on the cover of a recent issue of the Journal of Chemical Physics, published by American Institute of Physics. The cover figure shows the superposition of ribbon structures of red (mCherry) and yellow (citrine) fluorescent proteins. Over the last decade, fluorescent proteins have revolutionized cell biology. They serve as biochemical markers and allow visualization and tracking of cellular processes. The red fluorescent proteins are highly desirable for in vivo applications in mammalian cells because they absorb and emit light in the red region of the spectrum where cellular autofluorescence is low. In this article, the authors have used MD calculations to determine the pathways for molecular oxygen entry through the barrel of mCherry. The computational approach can provide important insights for guiding efficient mutagenesis experiments to improve the maturation speed and photostability of mFruits. This work was supported in part by a grant from the NIH/NIGMS. The article can be accessed by following this link