Professor Simpon's article gets on the COVER of The Astronomical Journal

 Astronomy Graph

Professor Simpson's most recent article was chosen to be on the cover of the September issue of "The Astronomical Journal", a prestigious journal published by American Astronomical Society. The article is on the dwarf galaxy VII Zw 403, The Cover, shown in the figure above, displays a visual representation of the velocities of hydrogen gas in the galaxy. The numbers are the actual velocities in km/s. The velocities differ because of the overall rotation of the galaxy about its center of mass and the random motions in the gas. Hydrogen gas, the raw material from which stars are made, is being studied to understand the process of star formation in dwarf galaxies. This particular galaxy is interesting because it forms stars at a much higher rate than usual and the trigger of that activity is currently unknown. Examining the motion of the gas and correlating that with regions of past and current star formation helps shed light on the process of star formation in these common but poorly understood galaxies. Understanding how small galaxies like this form stars helps us understand how galaxies evolve over time -- and since galaxies are the main constituents of the universe, that helps us understand how the universe has evolved over time as well." The image on the cover was made with observations from the Very Large Array Radio Telescope (VLA) located in the plains of San Augutin in New Mexico. The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation operated under cooperative agreement by the Associated Universities, Inc.