Best Dissertation Award goes to --- Dr. Neupane

The title of Dr. Neupane's winning dissertation is, Synthesis and electron emission properties of aligned carbon nanotubes. Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were synthesized on copper substrates using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition process. The electron emission from CNTs was enhanced using three different approaches: the effects of density variation of CNT emitters, plasma treatment of as-synthesized CNT emitters, and the role of emitter geometries on the electron emission have been studied. The field emission current from CNT emitters was effectively enhanced by the reduction in the screening of the electric field from the neighboring CNTs. CNTs were also synthesized on stainless steel substrates with or without additional catalyst and chemical treatment to study for the possible application of CNTs in electron emission. A three-dimensional arrays of CNTs synthesized directly on conducting substrates find applications in field emission based displays and also as electrodes in lithium ion batteries.

A comprehensive list of publications resulted due to the dissertation work can be found here