Undergraduate physics student heads to Paris for prestigious summer research program

The International Research Experience for Undergraduates (iREU) program has selected physics student Alex Sarracino to attend a summer research program in Paris. He was one of only 12 undergraduate junior level students selected for the program.

Sarracino will specifically take part in the Optics in the City of Light Research Experience for Undergraduates with the opportunity to spend 2 months in a variety of laboratories in Paris performing research with a wide range of ultrafast lasers.

Under the guidance of physics professor Hebin Li, Sarracino is part of a group of students studying the interaction of light with matter by using cutting-edge optical tools at FIU. Li’s research group is interested in many-body quantum systems consisting of interacting atoms, molecules and electrons including dense atomic vapors, semiconductor nanostructures and atom-like solid state systems.

The group develops and utilizes techniques and ideas in ultrafast spectroscopy and quantum optics and facilitates unique applications in fields such as quantum information processing, solar energy conversion, optoelectronics, metrology, imaging, sensing and biomedical science.

The summer research program will take place from May 25th through July 31st, 2015. For more information about the program, click here.