Star Physicist of our own, literally and figuratively!

Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, has been engaged by ACT Productions (407 Lincoln Road #302, Miami Beach 33139), for an exclusive performance during the Miami Centennial celebration on Monday, March 23 at 8pm. She will perform live before 8,000 people on our ACT stage (60x80ft) right on the sand in South Beach (8th street). We except coverage from all the local TV affiliates, plus CNN, CBS, FOX, CNBC and many more.

Dr. Fiorella's show, “Let’s Get Astrophysical”, will feature the first and only Top 15 Stellar-Themed Pop Song Countdown, including songs from Muse, One Republic, Oasis, Incubus, Fallout Boys, Katy Perry, Hardwell and Daft Punk, combined with live DJs, musicians, dancers, and acrobats, plus a laser light show.

Dr. Terenzi will portray herself, acting as a professor of astronomy at FIU and a musician playing sounds of space emanating from black holes, radio galaxies, pulsars, the Sun and Saturn, all live via her keyboard, and all based on her research in Acoustic Astronomy. Watch up-tempo, high-definition videos from NASA, live feeds from the International Space Station and amazing Hubble Space telescope footage! Science will never be same, and you will hear music from places no one has gone before. A night of star power in every possible way! A landmark concert - an uncommon fusion of science and art, astronomy and music!

Fiorella Terenzi is an astrophysicist, author, recording artist, and professor at FIU, who is best known for taking recordings of radio waves from far-away galaxies and turning them into music. She has been described by Time Magazine as "a cross between Carl Sagan and Madonna. In her Island Records CD called Music from the Galaxies, she used the most modern radio-telescopes and computers to convert the natural radiation from galaxy UGC6697 at 180 million light years away into the audible range, then added instrumental harmonies.

For more information about Dr. Terenzi, check out her wiki page and FIU research page

Below is the calender of the celebration.