Physics Graduate Student Building State of Art Detector

Will Phelps (Advisor: Guo), a fifth year graduate student, has recently successfully completed his tasks of helping build the High Threshold Cerenkov Detector (HTCC) at Hall B Jefferson Lab. Located at Newport News, Virginia, Jefferson Lab is where several FIU physics professors (Boeglin, Guo, Markowitz, Raue, Reinhold) perform experimental nuclear physics research. The space-ship-like HTCC (Led by JLab scientist Yuri Sharabian) is part of the 12GeV upgrade currently ongoing at Hall B, detecting the cerenkov radiation emitted by particles moving faster than light in medium. Although the hardware part of the HTCC has been completed in the past summer, Will continues to work on the software projects related to the detector. Another graduate student, Rafael Badui (Advisors: Guo/Raue) also contributed to this project.

Phelps HTCC