The theoretical Molecular and Cellular Biophysics group (Professors Chapagain and Gerstman) uses theoretical and computational techniques to investigate several topics of fundamental and applied interest. These include the non-linear dynamics of protein folding, protein-protein interactions, protein aggregation, protein-chromophore interactions, infectious disease propagation, and laser effects on biological tissue including the retina. The work involves techniques of condensed matter and amorphous physics, mathematical techniques of non-linear dynamics and complexity theory, and computer modeling to understand these crucially important biological and complex physical processes.

Click here for an animation of our simulation of protein folding.

The experimental biophysics group (Professor Bone) is interested in the physics of the eye and visual system and has programs investigating the possible relationship between macular pigment and age-related macular degeneration.

Professor He's group mainly focuses on nanobiotechnology and single molecule biophysics.