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Experimental Nuclear Physics Research

The Nuclear Physics Experimental group has a variety of research interest focused on outstanding questions in our understanding of electromagnetic phenomena of nucleons and few body systems. The topics being investigated include:

  • Electroproduction of strangeness
  • Meson electroproduction
  • Short range correlations
  • Meson exchange currents
  • Internal structure of hadrons including elastic and inelastic form factors
  • Hadron spectroscopy in photoproduction, including cascade physics, hyperon physics, and baryon-antibaryon physics

Faculty members of the FIU team are or have been spokespersons on a number of experiments at Jefferson Lab. These are listed below:

  • E-89-027: Coincidence Reaction Studies with the CLAS, (W. Boeglin )
  • E-91-016: Electroproduction of Kaons and Light Hypernuclei, ( J. Reinhold )
  • E-94-107: High Resolution Hypernuclear 1p shell Spectroscopy ( P. Markowitz )
  • E-98-108: Electroproduction of Kaons up to Q2=3 (GeV/c) ( P. Markowitz )
  • E-99-006: Polarization observables in the 1H (e,e'K+)Λ Reaction ( B. Raue, L. Kramer )
  • E-00-112: Exclusive Kaon Electroproduction in Hall B at 6 GeV ( B. Raue )
  • E-01-011: Spectroscopic Study of Lambda Hypernuclei Up To Medium-Heacy Mass Region Through the (e,e'k+) Reaction ( J. Reinhold )
  • E-01-020: PR-01-007 and PR-01-008 Combined ( W. Boeglin )
  • E-02-012: Coherent Vector Meson Production off the Deuteron ( L. Kramer )
  • E-04-005: Serach for New Forms of Hadronic Matter in photoproduction ( L. Guo )
  • PR12-008: Photoproduction of the very strangest baryon at CLAS12, conditionally approved( L. Guo)