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Experimental Particle Physics Research

Our group is currently analyzing first run data collected with CMS 7.0 TeV. The current focus of the group is on standard model physics; Electroweak and Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD). In particular, we are working on the production of Vector Bosons plus jets and direct photon production at 7.0 TeV. These studies will help us understand standard model processes in the underlying event, QCD and other standard model backgrounds that are essential in unraveling physics processes beyond the standard model. In addition, our studies will help us better understand QCD phenomena at high momentum transfers.

The group is also involved in detector maintenance and operations. Our group has primary responsibility over the Detector Control System (DCS) and Laser Calibration system of the Hadronic Calorimeter for CMS. In addition, we have a group working on distributed and GRID computing and are currently collaborating with Caltech, UF, FSU and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center on a new distributed storage solution for CMS based on the Lustre cluster filesystem. In addition our group has recently deployed the CMS Center at FIU where local researchers will be able to operate the CMS detector and its distributed computing system from right here in Miami. Also, the group is now in deploying a CMS Tier3 Center in CP 283. Our Tier3 Center will provide our local and national and international partners and collaborators with additional computational resources. The compute cluster will be joined to the Open Science Grid our national GRID infrastructure developed for specifically for scientific computing.