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Machine Shop

The purpose of the Machine Shop is to design, engineer and manufacture high-quality parts and equipment in support of scientific research. The shop provides machining services to faculty, graduate students and associated researchers throughout the College of Arts, Sciences and Education and the University.

  • Location and Equipment

    The machine shop occupies a 1090 sq. ft. room in the Chemistry and Physics building (CP 195) on the ground floor. The shop is equipped with two lathes, a milling machine, welding and various metal fabrication/cutting machines and a variety of other tools. There is also a small design/drafting room equipped with CAD/CAM software.

    An up-to-date inventory of shop equipment and tools is available.

  • Machine Shop Personnel

    Currently Mr. Zahid B. Baccus is our Senior Machinist. He is available via phone call at 305 348-3953.

    The Chair of the Physics Department, Dr. Bernard Gerstman (, telephone 305-348-3115), supervises shop personnel and shop activities. Additionally, shop policies and procedures are overseen by the Physics Department's Shop Committee which has a representative from each of the experimental research groups. The committee is currently chaired by Dr. Caroline Simpson. For information related to the Machine Shop please contact Dr. Simpson at (305) 348-1565 or via

  • Shop Fee

    For current hourly rates, please contact the department chairman.

    When writing grant proposals, researchers are encouraged to request sufficient funds to cover the costs of any anticipated machine shop time. Any such work will then be charged to the grant. For College of Arts, Sciences and Education faculty without grant support, hourly shop charges will be entered in a ledger for bookkeeping and reporting purposes. Jobs from outside the College of Arts, Sciences and Education are also welcome.

    When discussing a possible job for the shop, shop staff will make a rough initial estimate of how much time the job is expected to require and of the materials needed. If the requester gives the go-ahead, the job will be entered in the shop's queue. if needed, the estimate will be adjusted as the job progresses or is finished. When applicable, a requisition or inter-departmental transfer form needs to be completed and processed. A partially filled-out form including the shop account number is linked. We also request the users fill out the Machine Shop Job Request.