Conjugated polymer nanoparticles for labeling and delivery of biological interests

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Venue:OE 134


Conjugated polymers (CPs) are fluorescent materials with superior photophysical properties and biocompatibility that are useful for sensitive labeling, detection, and delivery of biologically active substances. In this seminar, fabrication of highly bright conjugated polymer nanoparticles (CPNs) and its biological applications including two-photon imaging of endothelial cells in a tissue model and delivery of small interfering RNA (siRNA) to cancer cells will be presented. CPNs are promising cancer detecting probes with extremely high brightness, photostability, and non-toxicity. In addition to the outstanding photophysical properties, transfection of HeLa cells with the CPN/siRNA complexes resulted in significant down regulation of a target gene without cell viability inhibition, supporting that CPNs are promising multifunctional nanomaterials for biomedical applications.