Harvest of solar light to electricity with advanced nano-structured materials

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Venue:Academic Health Center 3-205


Solar energy is an abundant, clean, and long-lasting energy, and it is pivotal to collect such the gigantic energy efficiently in order to satisfy ever-growing globe energy demand. A broad review on the current development of solar cell, which converts solar light directly to electricity, will be given, from fundamental operation principles, cost analysis, to different implemented technologies. The roles of nano-structured materials in novel solar cells will be delineated especially for sensitized solar cell. Construction of heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer, silicon nanowire, various nanostructures of metal oxide photoanodes (nanoparticles, nanotube, nanowire/nanorod, inverse-opal, aggregate), and their effects on interfaces, carrier transport, and light path will be discussed. The successful integration of nanostructured materials will drive solar cells to the low-cost, high efficiency, and eventually widely deployment.

Short bio:

Dr. Yang is currently a postdoc research associate in Physics at Florida International University. He received his Ph.D in materials science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2012. His research interests are in 1-dimentional nanostructure materials for optoelectronics, solution processed solar cell, hybrid solar cell, functional oxide materials, and carbon materials.