Mass Spectrometry based bio-imaging: Current challenges and perspectives

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Venue:OE134, MMC


he characterization of biological systems requires the knowledge of their chemical constituents, locations, and dynamics. Mass spectrometry (MS) provides unrivaled capability for the detection, characterization and identification of a large number of analytes (e.g., hundreds to thousands) in a single experiment from an in vivo, in vitro or in situ tissue section. Mass spectrometry based imaging (MSI) combines the capabilities of modern MS with imaging; that is, MSI provides the distribution and localization of different analytes in a tissue without the need for apriori selection of the analyte of interest. There are two main challenges in the molecular characterization of native surfaces using MSI: the quantity of sample available for analysis and their dynamic range. In the present talk, a suit of MSI variants, their current state-of-the-art and challenges will be discussed. In particular, current efforts at FIU for the characterization of the chemical environment at the single cell and sub-cellular level of model cell systems and tissue sections using a “molecular microscope” will be described.


Dr. Fernandez-Lima is a NIH R00 fellow with a research focus on the development of new generation instrumentation and methodologies for biomedical and behavioral research. He received a Ph.D. on Applied Physics from the Pontific Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with his work on the study of laser and ion induced molecular desorption for the analysis of biological samples using mass spectrometry. He has worked on a variety of surface characterization and biological mass spectrometry projects at Texas A&M University (Dr. David H. Russell and Dr. Emile A. Schweikert groups) and he is also a research fellow of Bruker Daltonics Inc. Life Science division. He has authored over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications and review articles, and actively presents his work at national and international conferences. He joined the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Florida International University in the summer of 2012 and is the Director of the Advance Mass Spectrometry Program.