The Higgs Boson

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Venue:Academic Health Center 3-205


Recent, within the last month, new results on the Higgs boson were released to the public by ATLAS and CMS. The results reported an update to the measured mass of a Higgs-like particle, decay rates of this new particle to standard model particles and summarized what is currently known about this Higgs-like discovery first reported on July 4th 2012. The interest in the Higgs is motivated in part by what is typically stated regarding the Higgs, basically "the Higgs gives mass to all fundamental particles", usually without further elaboration. In this talk I will elaborate on the meaning of this statement detailing from first principles how the masses are "given" to the fermions, and gauge bosons in the standard model, going beyond the usual one sentence assertion. I will start from the symmetry principles that motivates the introduction of a Higgs field describe why it is needed an how it actually does "generate mass for all the particles". This will be done in the context of the Standard Model of particle physics. I will also summarize, briefly the latest results from the complete 2009-2012 dataset accumulated at the LHC with the CMS detector.