The Nucleus at Short Distances

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Venue:Academic Health Center 3-205


The nuclear shell model has been and still is an invaluable tool in our understanding of nuclei. It describes the nucleus as a collection of protons and neutrons moving in an average potential created by the strong interaction between these nucleons. Since the advent of quantum chromodynamics, however, we know that quarks and gluons make up the fundamental degrees freedom of the strong force. At nucleonic length scales these quarks and gluons are confined in colorless hadrons, which emerge as the effective degrees of freedom. How and when this transition happens, is still an outstanding problem that attracts great research interest.

Another limitation of the nuclear shell model is the presence of a hard core in the nucleon-nucleon potential. This hard core induces so-called short-range correlations which cause high density fluctuations in the nucleus.

One way of exploring these phenomena and advancing our knowledge about them, is using high-energy reactions with nuclear targets. When dealing with nuclear targets one has to take into account the interactions of the particles with the nuclear medium. These are called final-state interactions. This seminar will illustrate how final-state interactions and short-range correlations are used and dealt with in theoretical calculations and experiments carried out at high-energy nuclear facilities such as Jefferson Lab.


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