The 3-D Structures and Morphologies of Disk Galaxies in SDSS

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Venue:OE134, MMC


I present a complete catalog of edge-on disk galaxies and their 3-D structures. The catalog contains approximately 6000 objects which are carefully selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and are used to analyze their structural components, including their morphologies, and multi-dimensional photometric profiles. This catalog provides a fundament for a variety of future research, including studies on dust distribution, thick disks, and halo properties.


Dr. Kautsch is an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at NSU in Ft. Lauderdale since 2011. Undergrad studies of physics and astronomy at U. Innsbruck (AT), Master's from U. Vienna (AT). PhD from U. Basel (CH) in 2006, supervisors were Eva Grebel (now at U Heidelberg/DE) and Jay Gallagher from U Wisconsin Madison. Then postdoc at UF Department of Astronomy with Anthony Gonzalez. Then visiting professor at Christopher Newport U in Virginia. Research interest: Galaxy Morphologies and Dark Matter, and now also astro-engineering