The Triumphant Standard Model: Observation of the Rare Decay of B Mesons into Muon Pairs

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Venue:OE134, MMC


The Standard Model of particle physics, developed over the last 5 decades, is considered a crowning achievement of 20th century science. It remains undefeated after many stringent tests, the last of which is its prediction for the rare decay of B mesons into muon pairs. Yet, the Standard Model is believed to be incomplete as it provides no answer to some of the most intriguing questions, for example the origin of dark matter and the dominance of matter over antimatter. In this talk, I will review what a standard model entails, briefly discuss the Standard Model of particle physics, and describe the recent measurement of the rare B decays by the CMS experiment at CERN. I close by mentioning possible extensions of the Standard Model.


Marc Baarmand PhD in Particle Physics - University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1987

Professor of Physics, Florida Tech PD/PI for CMS project at Florida Tech Over 400 journal publications; major discoveries: Discovery of W and Z bosons - UA1 collaboration, 1983 Discovery of top quark - D0 Collaboration, 1995 Discovery of Higgs boson - CMS Collaboration, 2012