Doing Science with the Titan Supercomputer

Event information
Venue:AHC3-205, MMC


The Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) was established at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2004 with the mission of standing up a supercomputer 100 times more powerful than the leading systems of the day. We continue delivering that promise with Titan, the fastest open science supercomputer in the United States. This hybrid system is delivering breakthrough scientific research in many areas, including materials science, astrophysics, climate, energy research and many other fields. This talk will give an overview of the science being done at OLCF and explore the future challenges and opportunities as we prepare for exascale. Specific information on how to apply for allocations of our computing resources will also be shared.


Ms. Fernanda obtained her B.S. in Physics from FIU in 2002. She obtained her M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from UF in 2008. Currently, she is the Training Coordinator and HPC User Assistance Specialist at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility.

The event is free and open to the public. Undergraduates and graduates are encouraged to attend!